Friday, April 24, 2015

Freshman 11 Excerpt


1. Chris

Usually, the sound of Jeff’s snorin’ would wake me up and piss me off. Somehow, I must’ve forgotten to turn on the alarm clock on my cell-phone or somethin’, `cause I didn’t wake up at seven-thirty, like I was normally supposed to, on Monday mornings. It was Jeff’s loud-ass snores that woke me up, at a quarter `til eight in the morning. That was good, since I had to be at my first class, of the new semester, at eight-thirty, sharp.

First day of class. Shit. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to keep my ass in bed and stay in a heavy sleep, just like Jeff. I didn’t know what time he had to wake up for class…or even if he gave a damn about goin’ to class. Knowin’ Jeff, he’d probably just conveniently “forget” that he had class, wake up around noon, and spend the whole day smokin’ weed.

Me on the other hand, I had to get up and get ready for Sociology 101, with Dr. Alan Balzac. Seriously, the dude’s name was Balzac. How the hell was I gonna be able to take this class seriously? The only reason I was takin’ this stupid class, was `cause I took so damned long to sign up for classes, that it was one of the few open ones left. After last semester, I told myself I wasn’t gonna take these early-ass mornin’ classes, since I wasn’t a mornin’ person to begin with. But I was gonna have to deal with it.

After about another ten minutes of just layin’ around in bed, bein’ lazy, I finally got up. I figured I would just swear a pair of basketball shorts and a regular T-shirt. Nothin’ fancy. I wasn’t tryin’ to impress anybody with my fashion sense. I needed to take a quick shower, though, since I was funky, as all hell.

I was dressed only in my boxer-shorts. I glanced over at Jeff, to see if he was awake. No, he wasn’t. He was still asleep, layin’ flat on his stomach, with his head facin’ the wall, away from me. I pulled off my boxer-shorts, walkin’ around our room, naked, until I found my shower towel. I wrapped it around my waist, checkin’ again to see if Jeff was awake. Not a change.

After the three months that we’d been livin’ together, I didn’t know why I was still so caught up on bein’ naked in front of Jeff; it’s not like he hadn’t seen me naked before. And it certainly wasn’t like I hadn’t seen him naked before. If he wasn’t wearin’ his surfer shorts, the dude loved to just strut around our room, ass-naked. I didn’t mind. Jeff had a nice body, and it wasn’t like he was tryin’ to turn me on, or some shit like that. In fact, I knew he had to be naked, underneath the thin little sheet that he was usin’ as a blanket. The white sheet was just a little below his lower back, givin’ me a chance to see the top of where his ass began. Jeff had one of those naturally smooth, tanned bodies. He didn’t work-out much, but he was toned and in good shape…and his ass definitely wasn’t bad.

I grabbed my shower stuff and headed for the bathroom.  The hallway was pretty empty, which kinda surprised me, since it was the first week back at school and it was still pretty early. I figured that there would be more people up and at it, either gettin’ up to shower or hurryin’ up to get to class. As I thought about it, I was hopin’ that there would be an available shower stall in the bathroom, when I went in there. I didn’t want to wait around.

As soon as I pushed open the door to the men’s bathroom, I had to check the symbol, on the front of the door, to make sure I had the right bathroom. I was confused, when I saw Jayne Thomas, the chick who lives in the room across from mine, dressed in only a towel, brushing her teeth, at the sinks. She saw me and didn’t seem as confused as me. For a second, I felt all shy and shit, since I was dressed only in my towel, too. Then I remembered that she’d basically seen me naked before, so it really didn’t matter much.

“Hey Chris,” Jayne said, after spittin’ her toothpaste into the sink. She rinsed her mouth out. “How’s it going? You look sexy-as-hell this morning. But then again, you always do…”

I placed my toiletries bag on the sink next to Jayne and just looked at her for a few moments. She was a short chick: maybe no taller than five-foot-five or so. The top of her head came right below my chest. She had short, curly black hair, and a cute, little body. The best part about Jayne, besides her adorable looks, was her “I don’t give a fuck” personality, which personally, I found attractive. Jayne had no problem tellin’ me that she thought I was one of the hottest dudes that she’d ever seen to my face and that it was basically up to me, when and where I wanted to fuck her.  She also clearly had no problem takin’ a shower in the dudes’ bathroom.

“If you wondering what I’m doing here,” Jayne said, “which I’m sure you probably are, the reason is…only like, one of the showers in the girls’ bathroom works, and like, some stupid bitch has been in there, for like, the last thirty minutes or something. And she’s like, singing Celine Dion…like, old-school Titanic Celine Dion…and I’m thinking to myself: ‘Just stop right now’…it’s too early for that, you know? And she sounds horrible. So I came in here, `cause it was empty. It makes me wonder if guys even think about taking showers. I’ve been in here for thirty minutes and you’re the first guy to come in here. Trust me, I’ve been checking. But before you take a shower, it must be something wrong with the plumbing or something, `cause a lot of the water just runs cold. So, if you need to use a shower, which I’m sure you probably do, since you’re dressed like that, I would use the last one on the left. That’s the one I just finished using. The hot water should still be working.”

That was a whole lot of information to take into my brain. “No worries,” I said. I picked up my little bag and slowly walked over to the first stall.

“So how was your Christmas Break?” Jayne asked. Her high-pitched voice echoed through the bathroom.

After closing the shower stall behind me, I draped my towel over the top of the shower door and turned on the nozzle. A blast of cold water hit my chest immediately, makin’ me jump back. I had to wait nearly ten seconds for the water to get warmer.

“It was cool, I guess,” I responded. “Nothin’ special.”

“Did you go home or did you stay here?” Jayne questioned.

“Stayed here in Diego, with a friend,” I told her.

“Who? Tommy O’Brien?”

The fuck? How does she know him? I was rubbin’ liquid soap on my chest, but when Jayne said that, it made me stop in my tracks. I thought I was hearin’ things at first.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Sorry, if I’m getting too personal,” Jayne said. “Someone just told me you were staying with Tommy O’Brien over the break.”

I didn’t really know how to respond. I could kinda see where the line of this conversation was goin’. Soon, Jayne was gonna be askin’ me if Tommy and me was bonin’. It was already an adjustment, me havin’ to deal with her bein’ in the dudes’ bathroom and all…I really wasn’t tryin’ to tell her all of my sexual business.

"Freshman 11" available on April 28, 2015.

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