Friday, April 25, 2014

Freshman 7 Excerpt

Chapter One: Brandon

I had a feeling that everything would be coming to a head this week.

It was a week before Christmas break and everything in my life was chaotic. I had essays to write, final exams to study for, a boyfriend that I needed to talk to, and a roommate that I needed to stop having sex with.

Earlier, Summer had come by my dorm room, so we could both study for our Astronomy final. We were going over Kepler's laws of Planetary Motion, for about an hour, before it got too much for her and she wanted to stop.

"Okay," Summer said. "Enough of this shit. I need a break. Let's go to Cuicacalli and get something to eat."

I glanced at the alarm clock on my nightstand. It was a quarter past seven in the evening. Nick had gone to the ARC, which was the massive gym, located only a few blocks away from our dorm building. He had left over an hour and a half ago, and there was no telling when he was going to be back. For some reason, I felt awkward about leaving the room, not knowing when he would return.

Ever since that night, after I came back from my date with my R.A., Derek, and Nick and I had sex, things had changed between us, both in a good and awkward way. In some ways, we were closer, and in some ways, and maybe it was just my imagination, things seemed more awkward. Regardless, more than not, Nick spent less and less time in our room and more time at the gym, or somewhere else. Even Summer had mentioned that Nick had not been spending as much time with her, as he had before.

"Not really hungry right now," I answered. "I'll probably get something a little later tonight."

Summer looked at me for a few minutes, before closing her textbook and notebook. "So, you haven't been talkin' to me about the whole Chris situation. How's that going?"

I closed my textbook. There was really no point of me continuing to try to study, when I knew that I really couldn't concentrate. It was Sunday night, and the Astronomy test was on Tuesday morning. Of course, that same day, I had an English essay to turn in, as well as a Math exam later that afternoon. I felt fairly confident that I would do well on each of them, but my mind was too clogged with other bullshit, for me to care at the moment.

"Texted him a few times last week," I said. "He hasn't responded."

Summer arched one of her perfectly manicured eyebrows. "Hasn't responded? So are you guys just completely not talkin' to each other now?"

I sighed and pushed my book over on the other side of my bed and stretched my legs out. "To be honest, I don't know what the hell we're doing. Obviously, whatever we're doing, it's not working out for either one of us."

"You think he's with that dude that I saw him with, at that party?" Summer asked. "Tommy O'Brien, or some shit like that?"

As hyprocritical as it sounded, given that I had gone out on a date with Derek, and had sex with Nick...on more than one occasion, it sickened me to think of Chris being with another guy that wasn't me. But even though I didn't want to think about, didn't make it less of a reality.

"I wouldn't completely doubt it," I finally told Summer. "I'm not sure what Chris is doing. And I really dont know if I want to know either."

Summer hopped off my bed. She bunched her long, black hair together and pulled it into a ponytail, using a rubberband she grabbed from my desk. "If I were you, I'd just walk over to Chris' dorm, see if he's there, and just talk to him face-to-face. Stop all this phone bullshit, `cause clearly that tactic isn't working."

"I've tried that before," I replied. "Either his roommate, Jeff, tells me he's at football practice or he's at his 'friend's place'."

"And you think the 'friend' is Tommy?"

"Could be. Could be some other dude. Whoever it is, Chris seems to want to spend more time with him instead of me."


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