Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Excerpt: Shadow

     Justin considered turning off his phone. He would resolve this situation—if resolvable—some other time. All Justin wanted now was a nice long shower, a glass or two of Hennessey and Coke, and some alone time before Nathan and Blake returned home and filled the apartment with their pent up sexual tension.
     Having to explain his telekinetic ability to Ryan was the last thing on Justin’s agenda. However, Justin knew that Ryan would keep calling him, until Justin finally relented and talked to him. Reluctantly, Justin answered the call.
     “What’s up?” Justin asked unenthusiastically.
     “What you up to?” 
     “Just got in a few minutes ago…you?”
     Directly outside his bedroom door, Justin heard a noise.
     He took the phone away from his ear briefly to listen further. Maybe he had been wrong, maybe somebody was home. “Hey, Nate…you here?” he called.
     No reply.
     Justin stared out of the slender opening of the door into the hallway. He saw nothing but darkness.
     “Did you hear me?” Ryan asked.
     “Yeah,” Justin lied. With his free ear, he listened for any other sounds coming from outside, but he heard nothing.
     “So is it cool?” Ryan questioned.
     Justin rolled his eyes. “Is what cool?”
     “See, I knew you weren’t listening. I told you I just got off work. I wanted to see you.”
     Chills slid down Justin’s back. “I’m not really in a horny mood right now, if that’s what you wanted.”
     “I wanted to talk to you about today," Ryan countered. "Your roommates there?”
     “Good. Let me come over.”
     “Kinda wanna be by myself right now.”
     “Come on, J. Don’t act like that. I’m already like, five minutes away from your place anyway.”
     Justin sighed. “Don’t come over here expecting anything. And you probably can’t stay for too long. I don’t know when they’ll be back.”
     “That’s cool with me,” Ryan responded. “I’ll be there soon.”
     “Fine. Hurry up.”
     As soon as the call ended, Justin regretted inviting Ryan over. There would only be two things Ryan would want: an explanation and a blow job, two things Justin did not really want to give. He considered calling Ryan back and telling him to forget about coming by, but Ryan was already on his way. Even if Justin told him not to come, Ryan would probably find another way to finagle him.
     I can call and tell him that Blake and Nate just came back right now…
     Someone sprinted by Justin’s bedroom door.
     Justin had been partially facing away from the door, but he caught something moving from the corner of his eye. It had been so quick that it would have been easy to dismiss it as a trick of the light.
     Except Justin knew he had seen correctly.
     Someone just flashed by his room, silent and stealthy like a black cat in the night. Justin opened his mouth to call his roommates’ names, but he instinctively knew the figure he saw was not either of them.
     Oh, shit. Somebody broke in.
     With a quick mental push, Justin shut the door. Since he had no lock on the door, he had to maintain sharp focus to keep the intruder from getting inside. His pulse raced and his hands trembled.
     Don’t get scared yet, Justin instructed himself. Being scared won’t do you any good if something goes down.
     The front door had been locked when Justin returned home.  
     Yet now that he thought about it, he could not remember locking the back door. There had been times in the past when he had forgotten to do so.
    Who the hell would break in here? Justin thought.
     In the year since Justin moved in, there had not been any burglaries or vandalisms in their neighborhood.
     And now the one time I have the place to myself, someone breaks in, Justin lamented.
     With his mind still focused on keeping the door shut, Justin slowly moved closer, putting his ear against the door, and listening for any sounds from the other side.


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