Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Excerpt: Echo

Nathan took a twenty minute shower, which helped loosen the stress on his body.  Afterward, he dried himself off, wrapped his towel around his slim waist, and wiped away the thin layer of fog that had collected on the surface of the bathroom mirror.
His reflection was present in the mirror…but his face was missing. Nathan’s eyes, his nose, and his mouth were all vanished. When he saw himself in the reflective glass, Nathan only saw a blank canvas of smooth skin where his pertinent facial features should have been.
“What the fuck?” Nathan whispered. He touched his lips and ran his finger along the bridge of his nose to make sure they were indeed still there. They were there, but the mirror continued to say otherwise.
Nathan rushed out of the bathroom, his back hair still damp from the shower and threw open Blake’s bedroom door.
“Blake, something’s wrong…”
But Blake was not in his bedroom. Actually, there was nothing in Blake’s bedroom. Blake’s bed, his computer desk, and his small TV set, were all gone. Nathan entered Blake’s room and went to his closet to find that all of Blake’s clothes and shoes were gone.
“No,” was all Nathan could say.
This can’t be right.
It had not been a full half an hour between the times Nathan woke, went to Blake’s room to check on him, took a shower, and finally came back to Blake’s room. Blake had positively been there when Nathan first checked. All of his furniture was there before as well, including the bed he had been sleeping in. Now, Blake’s room was entirely empty, as if nobody had ever lived in it.
No, this can’t be right, Nathan repeated mentally.
Nathan closed Blake’s bedroom door and reopened it, hoping that his eyes were deceiving him, and that everything, including Blake would be there just like before, like the way a magician could make a person appear and disappear in a magic box. But the emptiness of Blake’s bedroom still remained even after Nathan opened it again.
“Blake!” Nathan screamed.
His voice echoed throughout the hallway, bouncing off the walls as if he was in some cave. Nathan waited desperately for a reply and was only greeted with violent silence.
Blake, Nathan projected with his thoughts. Answer me.
Again, Nathan heard only silence in his mind.
Nathan returned to his own bedroom, took off his towel, put on a fresh pair of underwear, a pair of jeans, and a long-sleeved shirt, and headed back out the door—
There was a man standing at the very opposite end of the hallway, right near the staircase, staring straight at Nathan.
The man was tall, several inches taller than Nathan’s five-eight stature, and he was impeccably dressed in a black suit.
Almost as if the man had read Nathan’s mind, he turned and descended down the staircase, disappearing from view.
Nathan’s heart thumped loud and hard in his chest. He gripped his doorknob tightly, afraid to let it go.


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