Thursday, September 6, 2012

Book Excerpt: Boys of Summer

Jesse found himself laughing at Ray’s stupid joke, which was a clear indication to him that he was quickly on the way to becoming drunk. Both Gabe and Jesse got to their feet and followed Ray out of the room, back into the courtyard. It was about five o’ clock in the afternoon now. The sun was still out shining, but it had begun its initial descent behind the vast mountains in the distance. It was gorgeous: the sky, which was beginning to change from blue, into a rose-colored orange infusion, the graceful palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze, the thick heat touching his mostly bare body—the gorgeous man wading around in the swimming pool.
Initially, Jesse thought it was Eddie initially, from a distance, but on closer observation, Jesse noticed that the man in the pool, idly swimming alone, looked nothing like Eddie. It looked more like the man with the big dick and the great ass Jesse saw earlier on the television monitors.
It’s him, Jesse thought, as his heart skipped a beat. It’s Troy.
Mason confirmed it, as he said, “Troy! When did you get here?”
He’s not gonna remember me, Jesse mused. We fucked once, a year and a half ago. We were both hella drunk, and I’m probably just one in a thousand guys that he’s hooked up with…
“About fifteen minutes ago,” Troy said, in a thick Texas drawl. Jesse did not remember him having such a noticeable accent when they met before. “I was lookin’ for y’all, but couldn’t find you, so I just decided to hop in the pool.” He swam to the edge of the pool and hopped out, fully nude, with water dripping down his flawless, Greek god-like body.
Just like Gabe had enraptured everyone’s attention earlier, when he took off his shorts and jumped naked into the pool, everyone’s attention was Troy, and his grapefruit-sized biceps, ripped abs, ridiculously sculpted pecs, the beefy, muscular thighs, and his thick cock, which even in a non-erect state, must have been at least seven inches long and about three inches and circumference. For a few moments, the only hearable sound was the wind rustling through the palm trees.
“I’m Troy,” he said, giving a little wave and a smile to the group.
“We know,” Adam and Ray said simultaneously. They looked like they had just witnessed the most astounding miracle the world had ever seen—perhaps to them, they had.
Troy gave Mason a hug and a smack on the ass. He shook hands with Adam and Ray, who continued to swoon. Jesse’s heartbeat started to accelerate, once Troy’s eyes fixated on him and Gabe.
“Damn, you’re pretty sexy,” Troy said to Gabe. “Anyone ever tell you that you look like Superman?”
“I’ve heard it before,” Gabe told Troy with a smile. He wrapped one arm around Jesse’s waist and gently pulled him close to his side, while he extended his other hand out for Troy to shake. “I’m Gabe, and this is my boyfriend, Jesse.”
While shaking Gabe’s hand, Troy’s seductive brown eyes shifted over to Jesse. He stared at Jesse for a few moments, and although Jesse was not entirely sure, he got the impression that Troy did recognize him. That feeling amplified, when Troy released Gabe’s hand and shook Jesse’s. He gripped Jesse’s hand firmly and somehow there was something very sensuous about the way Troy held his hand. Perhaps it also had something to do with the way that Troy’s eyes scanned his entire body from head to foot. He smiled. “Very nice to meet you, Jesse.”

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