Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book Excerpt: "Not Safe For Work"

Below is a brief excerpt from my upcoming book "Not Safe For Work" available August 15, 2012.

...“This might be a stupid question, since I basically already know the answer,” Kimberly said, “but have you met anyone yet?”
“I meet people every day.”
“You know what I mean, Eric.”
“I’m not dating anyone…if that’s what you’re asking.”
“You always find a way to answer a question that I didn’t ask and avoid the question I did ask.”
“You asked if I’m dating someone.”
Kimberly shook her head. “I asked if you’ve met someone.”
She was a smart girl. “I haven’t met anyone that I want to date yet,” Eric said.
That was the truth. Although Eric met Mathew the night before, he was not the kind of person Eric wanted to date.
He’s the kinda person that I want to fuck, Eric thought.
Kimberly had gone on to say that she went out on a couple of dates with a few men, but none of them held her interest. “Think maybe it’s just too soon,” she confessed. “I’m still adjusting to being single."
“Yeah, I’m still trying to adjust, too,” Eric replied.
For some reason, Kimberly thought that was funny.
“Why are you laughing?”
Kimberly shook her head again. “Nothing.”
Even now, as Eric lay stretched out on his couch, feeling lazy and tired, he still wondered what she was laughing about. He got the impression that Kimberly believed he was lying, when he said that he was still coping with being single. But he was. It was a double-edged sword. Eric enjoyed the freedom that came with being single, yet after a while, it was easy for that freedom to devolve into loneliness. He could not imagine being single for six months, a year, or anything beyond that. Since the age of fifteen, Eric always had a girlfriend. Three months was the longest he had ever gone without being with someone.
Eric thought about Mathew and again wondered what he was doing. Was he at home, drinking a cocktail, planning his evening? Or maybe he had invited someone to his apartment...one of his lovers...and he was getting fucked senseless.
Or he might be waiting for you to call him, Eric said to himself.
No, Mathew did not seem like the kind of man that sat around and waited for someone to call him.
Eric dug his cell phone out of his pocket and searched for Mathew’s name in his list of contacts. After he found it, Eric debated whether he should call him or not.
What the hell would I even say to him?
He could ask Mathew out to dinner or a movie, and then Eric would be able to see if his attraction was based on genuine standards and not coerced by alcohol, and not the sight of his Mathew’s amazing ass. Yet every time Eric was about to hit the ‘talk’ button to dial Mathew’s number, he stopped himself.
I’m not ready for this...

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