Friday, July 20, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: Jonny

Continuation from last week's Flash Fiction: Room 6

I stepped inside the room and I was immediately struck by how cold it was. It had to be several degrees cooler than the hallway. My nipples were already starting to harden and my balls tingled in my briefs. I gently closed the door behind me and looked around, while still trying to adjust to the cool air on my mostly bare body.
“First time here?” a masculine voice from behind me asked.
I turned around. For some reason I’d thought that the room was empty, but clearly it wasn’t. There was one of the most beautiful-looking men I’d seen in my entire life standing a few feet away from me. He was a few inches taller than me, maybe six-foot-one or so. His skin was a gorgeous, golden-brown hue, as if he spent most of his time bathing in the sun. He was only wearing a pair of dark blue jeans that clung to him so tightly that I was surprised he was able to move around or even breathe. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his perfectly chiseled pecs or the perfect ridges of his abs.
“You gonna answer my question or are you just gonna spend these two hours staring at my stomach all day?” He asked. There was a bit of sharpness to his tone, but it was counteracted by the disarming smile that came after.
“Yes…my first time here,” I said, once I remembered how to speak.
The beautiful man took a few minutes to look over my mostly naked body. Finally, he looked directly into my eyes, with that smirk still stuck on his full, crimson lips. “You’re in better shape than most of the men that come here.”
He turned and walked away, toward a large white bed at the very opposite side of the room. I was hypnotized by the exquisite symmetry of his body, the way his back muscles moved as he walked, the way his flawless round ass shifted in his jeans. He turned around and sat on the edge of the bed, with his long legs stretched out, and his arms stretched out behind him on the bed. He just stared at me. I didn’t know if he was waiting for me to make a move or if he was calculating what his next move would be. Maybe he was doing both at the same time.
“You’re very quiet,” he said.
“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say.”
“Say anything you want. That’s why you’re here. You’ve got complete freedom of this situation.”
As empowering as that statement sounded, it also made me feel quite uneasy at the same time.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
For a moment, he seemed surprised, as if of all questions, he didn’t expect me to ask that one first. I wondered what the other men usually asked him—or if they even asked him anything at all.
“Jonny,” he eventually replied.
My heart skipped. “That was the name of my first boyfriend…back when I was a freshman in high school.”
Jonny didn’t say anything, he just looked at me. Even from across the room, the power of his stare was both enchanting and intimidating. “I know,” he said.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Review: "Collision Course" K.A. Mitchell

“Collision Course” by K.A. Mitchell
K.A. Mitchell’s “Collision Course” is a love story between Aaron Chase, a cynical, usually disgruntled paramedic and Joey Miller, an overly optimistic, free-spirited social worker. The story starts off with a bang—literally, as Joey is on a highway, driving toward Florida and witnesses a horrific, highway car crash. Being the “Do-gooder” that he is, he gets out of his car to help the situation, particularly aiding a young boy whose mother was severely injured in the accident. When the paramedics show up, the first things Aaron Chase sees is the carnage of the crash, and Joey’s incredible butt. Aaron has an immediate and very strong physical attraction toward Joey and clearly the attraction is mutual, because it isn’t too long before the two men are in the back of Aaron’s ambulance truck, going at it like crazy. They continue to have (a lot of) hot sex throughout the course of the novel and Aaron struggles with his ambivalent feelings toward Joey (the sex is great, but he doesn’t want to be attached and yet at the same time there is something about Joey, beyond the sex that compels Aaron to him), while Joey earnestly hopes that Aaron will be the last boyfriend he will have (he’s had over a dozen in the course of a few years).
This is the first novel that I have read by Mitchell. I’m not sure why, because her writing style, her eye for description and character depiction is excellent. The writing is crisp and clear and there is definitely a page-turning quality to the book. I did however, have a problem with the narrative, mainly the over abundance of sex scenes in the book. Not too soon after meeting, Aaron and Joey have a fiery sex session in the back of Aaron’s ambulance truck. It was one of the hottest, erotic scenes that I’d read in a while. The problem was that shortly after that scene, came another sex scene, and another, and another…in total there had to be well over a dozen sex scenes, all of them being over six pages long at least. Now, while the sexual interactions between Aaron and Joey do contribute to the overall progression of the story, I believe that the author could have alluded to some of the sex scenes, instead of describing every single one of them in full detail (although they are all really well-written). The book could have done more with focusing on the emotional aspects of Aaron and Joey’s relationship and how it develops. We do learn a lot about Aaron’s troubled upbringing in the foster care systems and how it affects his relationship with Joey (since Aaron does not trust people and Joey is a part of the social worker system that failed him and his family). Yet, we do not learn that much about Joey, other than he has a lot of ex’s, loves sex, and is a perpetual optimistic. I felt like there could have been more situations beyond the sex to focus on in their connection.
Overall, I do think this is a good book. There are some great snarky exchanges between Aaron and Joey. I really liked that Aaron was not the typical “perfect” hero of the story. He’s flawed and does not apologize for it. Joey is a great person, but has his own faults as well. Though this is traditional m/m romance, there is certain “realness” to the characters, their situations, and the way that they deal with those situations, which I found pleasing. My only real criticism is that some of the sex scenes be shortened/implied, so that readers could focus more on the characters and the plot. I would definitely be interested in reading another book about Aaron and Joey and I am also interested in reading Mitchell’s other works, because I think she is a really good author.
Michael S. Booker
Author of “Boys of Summer”

Friday, July 13, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: Room 6

I had never been in this situation before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  The man, dressed all in white: a tight-fitting white turtleneck, snow-colored slacks that fit tightly around his hips and firm ass, led the way up the long staircase, toward the master bedroom. My heart beat steadily climbed as we climbed the staircase and I felt a bead of sweat slide down my forehead. The building was hot—evidently they didn’t believe in the merits of air conditioning in this place. Me and the Man in White must’ve walked up six flights of stairs before we reached the top floor of the Complex. I’d asked him why we couldn’t just take the elevator. He just stared at me with cold eyes, dark and mysterious as midnight. He didn’t answer my question with words, but his eyes told me to “Shut the fuck up and do what you’re told”.
The top floor was a long white hallway, with six doors on each side. Each door was painted a vibrant color, with a large number written in the center of the door, with black paint.
“You’ve been assigned to Room 6,” the handsome man in white told me. “And you have two hours.”
I was sure two hours would be enough, but the way the man in white made it sound, I may’ve needed more.
We stepped in front of Room 6, which was painted a vibrant sky blue, with a large “6” I the middle.
“Are you wearing underwear?” the Man in White asked me.
For me that was a silly question, since I always wore underwear. I’d never leave my home without them. But apparently, there must’ve been a lot of men out that came to this place, who didn’t wear underwear. Otherwise, I don’t think he would’ve asked.
“Yeah, I am,” I told him.
He nodded. “Please take off your clothes and give them to me. You can keep your underwear and your shoes on, if you like. But I need your shirt and your pants.”
I knew coming into this place that I would have to get to naked. That was one of the main points of me being here. Still, that didn’t make me feel comfortable with being unclothed in front of someone I didn’t know. My body was in excellent condition, from all my gym workouts, and I’m sure that the Man in White had seen naked men all the time, and should’ve been used to it. For some reason though, I felt intimidated about getting naked in front of him. I had a feeling that he was secretly judging me with those midnight-colored eyes. I did as he requested, pulling off my shirt and jeans. I decided to keep my underwear and socks on. My dick was more than half-hard in my briefs. I couldn’t make it go down. I handed my clothes over to the Man in White and I saw him take a quick glance at the tent in my underwear. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a long, silver key.
“This is yours,” he said, handing me the key. “Don’t lose it.” He took my shirt and jeans and draped them over his muscular arm. “Your two hours begins now, Mr. Richards. I hope you enjoy yourself.”
The Man in White turned and walked toward the end of the hallway. I waited until he was completely out of view, before I turned to the door. My heart was still racing, my palms were sweating, and my dick throbbed wildly in my briefs. I gave it a few squeezes.
This is it, I told myself.
I didn’t know what to expect when I opened that door, but I was about to find out soon. Carefully, I inserted the key into the lock and twisted it. The door swung open slowly and I stepped inside, ready for this adventure to begin…

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