Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Review: Roadside Assistance

“Roadside ASSistance” by Evan J. Xavier
This is a short, erotic story with a simple premise: Chris Saturday is driving home from a bar, along a rural Alabama road at night, during a rainstorm, when one of the tires in his car blows out. He calls for roadside assistance, and along comes hunky handyman, Anthony to the rescue. Anthony fixes Chris’ tire, ambiguous flirting ensues briefly, before finally, full-on sex occurs.
The story includes only one real sex scene takes place on the side of a road, in a field, during the pouring rain. The scenario is hot, and the author throws in some good descriptions, but I feel like more could have been described. It would have been better if there had been more build-up leading to the climax, or if the sex scene itself had been a little longer. The story ends abruptly, just as another sex scene is about to begin. I wish the author would have continued with that scene, or fleshed the characters out a little more, because I was actually interested in reading more about them. Hopefully, the author will revisit these characters later on in an additional story/novella/book. Nevertheless, this was still a fun, short read.
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Michael S. Booker
Author of “Boys of Summer”

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