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Book Excerpt: Freshman

chapter one

As usual, Chris was late.
He said he was gonna be at my house by nine-thirty in the evening, and now it's almost ten-thirty. Most people are only late by a couple minutes, maybe fifteen at the most. Chris is almost always late by an hour. Part of the reason why he's so late, is because I don't really think he wants to go to this party, and this is his roundabout way of showing it.
I grabbed my cell phone on my computer desk and called him. It took him three rings to answer.
"B, I'm almost there," Chris said. His sexy, deep voice always has a way of making me feel horny, even when I'm annoyed with him.
"You said that twenty minutes ago. Where the hell are you?"
"On the freeway. Two exits away from your house."
"Please hurry up, Chris. I don't wanna be hella late to the party."
"Stop trippin'. I'll be there." Chris hung up before I could get the last word in.
I put my cell phone in my pocket and looked at myself in the full-length mirror that hung on my closet door. I was dressed in a short-sleeved, black, military-styled shirt that fit snugly on my chest and arms. I wore a pair of dark blue jeans that fit pretty tightly on my legs and ass. I felt sure when Chris got here, he would make some type of comment on how my jeans are so tight, that he's surprised my nuts haven't cracked yet. But I don't care, I like them.
For a few minutes, I checked myself out in the mirror, not to be all conceited or anything. I considered myself to be pretty cute. I wouldn't call myself sexy or really hot or anything, but I'm good-looking. I'm kinda tall, five-foot-eleven and about a hundred and sixty-pounds. In high school, which I graduated from a couple of months ago, I was about ten pounds lighter. I've always had a long, lean body, with my legs and my butt being my best features, but Chris has been encouraging (well, more like nearly forcing) me to work out more. As a result, my arms have become bigger and more chiseled, my abs are more defined, and everything from the waist down is more developed and enhanced. I'm actually more pleased with the way that I look now at this point in my life, then I have in my whole eighteen years of living.
As I waited for Chris, I started thinking about how the rest of the night is gonna go. A couple of weeks ago, I got a text message from an old classmate and friend—well, I guess he could be considered a friend, since we don't really hang out or talk that much—Jason Coleman, inviting me to his end of the summer party at his house. I'd been reluctant to go for several reasons: Jason used to have a crush on me and after I kindly rejected him that kinda put a damper on our friendship. Plus, he doesn't like Chris, and I wouldn't go to the party unless Chris was able to come with me.
Chris wasn't really fond of Jason as well, which is why he wasn't too excited about the idea of going to the party either. But I like Jason. He's a pretty cool dude. Also I figured that since we're gonna be going away to college soon, the least I could do was go to his party and chill for at least a couple of hours, since I probably won't see Jason again for at least a couple of months.
I just hoped Chris wasn't gonna do something that was gonna embarrass me.
Me and Chris are almost completely opposites from each other. I'm usually more quiet and reserved and Chris is loud and outgoing. I liked reading and watching movie classics from the 1950s and 60s, and Chris loved sports and usually only liked movies that had car chases, gun fights, topless women, and CGI effects. In so many ways, Chris and I were different, but our relationship was surprisingly smooth, for the most part.
Since our freshman year in high school, Chris and I hated each other. From ninth grade, up to the second semester of our senior year in high school, Chris made it a special task of his to torture me—bullying, teasing, name calling— all that shit. One day in Spanish class, Chris was making fun of me, and I just got so sick out of it, that I decided to lash out on him. We both ended up in detention that day…and by the end of our detention session, we ended up having sex on the classroom floor.
I know it sounds ridiculous and impossible, but it happened.
We spent the remainder of our senior year in high school not knowing whether or not we wanted to continue to hate each other or like each other. We continued to have sex off and on, but it would take a while before we both acknowledged our true feelings for each other. There's been people I've met since me and Chris have connected—Jason being one of those people—that have been interested in me, but that I didn't share a strong enough passion with. Honestly, there hasn't been anyone that I've met like Chris that makes me feel happy and keeps me constantly wanting more. Chris can still be a real asshole sometimes…well, actually a lot of times, but he's a very loveable asshole, and although it might be strange for other people to understand, I couldn't imagine myself not being with him.
The doorbell rang.
Finally, I thought. He's here.
I jogged out of my bedroom, into the living room, and opened the front door.
Chris and I have been together for over six months now, but my heart still skips a beat every time I see him. He's dressed fairly casually, in a cherry-red, V-shaped muscle T-shirt that accentuated his big biceps and muscular pecs, loose blue jeans, and a Washington Redskins baseball cap, which he wore backwards on his head. He had this wide grin on his sexy face, and I wondered if he was excited to see me as I was to see him.
"Took you ten years to get here," I scolded him.
Chris walked past me into my house. "You know…had to shower and shave and all that shit. You got something to eat?"
"I'm sure Jason is gonna have food at the party," I told Chris.
"Do we really have to go to this thing?"
"I told him I would. It's kinda too late to back out of it now."
Chris looked over my outfit. His eyes focused on my jeans. "Damn, B. Did you paint those jeans on or something? Your balls look like they're gonna need an oxygen tank."
See, I knew he was gonna make some asshole comment about my jeans.
"Your mom home?" Chris asked.
"No, she went out to dinner with one of her friends."
Chris grinned devilishly. I already knew what he was thinking. He came close to me, grabbed me by my waist and kissed me. Chris' large hands moved downward to my butt, squeezing and kneading my cheeks through the denim. The masculine scent of his skin, with just the slightest hint of the cologne he wore, made my blood get warmer. My dick started getting hard, although there wasn't much room for it to grow in my jeans.
"Let's go to your room," Chris whispered. He was kissing my neck now and my skin was getting hot. He managed to wiggle a finger down the back of my jeans, in my underwear briefs, and down the length of my ass crack. I tugged on his huge, thick erection through his baggy jeans.
"No, we gotta get going," I said. Fucking Chris…he always gets me hot and bothered and makes me forget what the hell I'm supposed to be doing.
Chris kissed me again, his warm, talented tongue slipping into my mouth. I was breathless after a few seconds of that. "Fifteen minutes," he said.
Sex with Chris never lasted fifteen minutes—thankfully—it was always at least an hour.
"How often do you get the house to yourself?" Chris continued. "Let's go to your room. We can fuck. Watch something on TV, fuck again. Go to sleep."
That actually would've been my idea of a perfect Friday night. I was more than a little tempted to go along with Chris' idea. Jason probably wouldn't care that much if I didn't show up to his party. It wasn't like I was the guest of honor or something. But at the same time, I felt bad about the idea of flaking on someone at the last minute. Besides, I was already dressed in my oxygen-depriving jeans and a shirt that I hadn't gotten a chance to wear other than tonight.
It was one of the last times I was gonna be able to see some of the people from my high school…not that I actually liked that many people from high school. But some of them were cool, and I just wanted to have a good night out with my boyfriend.
"We can do it after we get back," I promised him. "I'll probably be good and drunk by the time we get back. You can have your way with me then."
Chris smiled. If I wasn't already hard, seeing Chris' smile would've given me a boner. "Alright, B. Let's go."
"If this shit turns out to be boring, then we're gonna leave," Chris stated, as he parked his white, Ford pick-up truck a few blocks away from Jason's house.
"We'll probably be here only for a couple of hours."
"Is Billy gonna be here?" I asked.
Shit, I thought. I had forgotten about Billy Anderson. He and Chris used to be football teammates and close friends back in school. That friendship kinda took a turn for the worst about four months ago, after Billy refused to let Chris stay with him, after Chris and his dad got into a huge-ass fight and Chris' dad kicked him out of the house. Chris could've stayed with me, except that he and I had broken up a week or so before the fight with his dad, and we really weren't on speaking terms.
Long story short, Jason and Billy were dating…or fucking…or whatever the hell they were doing. Since this was Jason's party, there was a good chance that Billy was gonna be there. If Billy did show up, there was a possibility that things could get pretty tense between him and Chris. I prayed that there wouldn't be any issues between them. I hoped that if Chris saw Billy that they would be able to squash whatever bad shit they had between them. I really wanted this to be a good night.
"I don't know," I finally said. "But just be cool if he is here. I don't want there to be any kinda problems."
"Don't worry about me," Chris answered, a bit defensively. "There won't be a problem, unless he makes it one."
A part of me wished that we had just stayed at home, like Chris originally suggested.
We both got out of Chris' truck and started to walk up toward Jason's house. It was a nice, mid-August night; warm enough to not have to wear a jacket, but not so hot that I would be sweating my balls off. I could hear the music coming from Jason's house as we got closer and I actually started to get a bit nervous.
Up until just now, I realized that I had never gone to a house party before. Nobody had ever invited me and I never really wanted to go. Even high school dances were something that never appealed to me. Both Chris and I mutually decided to skip our Senior Prom, for a few reasons: we wouldn't be able to go together as a couple (even though I think a lot of our classmates and even some of the teachers knew we were together) and on top of that, those kinda events weren't really our thing.
There were a few people hanging around Jason's front lawn and porch as we walked up to his house, some of them I recognized from school, and some I didn't know at all. Some of them gave me and Chris quick looks as we walked past them, before continuing on with whatever conversation they were having.
"Last chance," Chris said, before we entered the open door. "We can just turn around and bounce."
"We're already here," I said.
By the end of the night, I definitely would've wished I had listened to Chris.

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